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Earlier this year the BC Government announced that all public schools in the province would be required to have free menstrual products for their students.

Since then individual School Districts have been working on the roll-out of the program that must be in place by the end of the calendar year.

Superintendent Steve McNiven joined Q101 to discuss the progress after the topic was raised during this month’s board meeting.

“We are on track with that particular initiative,” began McNiven. “We predict to be ready to go no later than December. It’s an important service to our students so we’re happy to be moving forward."

“There’s some funding at the Provincial level that’s been provided to support this work,” added McNiven.

According to the memo circulated at the board meeting, all washrooms in the high school will be equipped with free-to-use dispensers. The elementary schools in the district will have one washroom in the school stocked.


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