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If you trust the polls, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a neck and neck race ahead of Monday’s vote.

Local Liberal Candidate Mary Ann Murphy joined Q101 to discuss the final weekend of the campaign and her mindset heading into Monday.

“We’re feeling excited and hopeful, that old Liberal motto ‘hope and hard work’,” began Mary Ann. “We’re pretty excited about what we’ve done, we’ve been getting a really positive response this past few days.”

As for her personal priorities should she head to Ottawa, Mary Ann deferred to the priorities of the voters.

“What the voters have told me is they want to see strong action on climate change and water. As well there is a host of social issues that concern them; investing in dislocated workers, seniors care, concerns about homelessness,” said Mary Ann. “We are really looking at more work on investments such as highway, forest, and clean water projects.”

As for a final message to the voters, Mary Ann had this to say;

“I have taken a great deal of attention to trying to understand the Merritt issues. I want to reach out to the voters and ask for their support for a party that will continue to support the conditions that have left us with a million new jobs, the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, a AAA credit rating,” said Mary Ann. “I hope that people realize that the Liberals offer the best balance of health, social, economic and environmental policy for Canadians.”

Canadians head to the polls on Monday.


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