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Election day is only three days away and recent national polls have the NDP surging. Local NDP Candidate Joan Phillip joined Q101 to discuss the positive gains the Party has been making.

“It’s because of the leader Jagmeet (Singh), he’s extremely genuine, he’s extremely intelligent. He absolutely cares about the people and wants to make sure the people get lifted up as opposed to the top one per cent,” said Phillip.

Phillip mentioned that part of her final weekend on the campaign trail will involve taking part in Jagmeet’s rally on Saturday in Vancouver.

As for a message to share with the people of the riding;

“People should vote for the party that will lift them up as opposed to the two parties that we have been electing for the past 152 years that will be having their hands in their pockets,” said Phillip.

There has been a lot of talk this week of minority and coalition governments, something that Joan believes can succeed in Ottawa.

“When Tommy Douglas was the CCF leader they managed to push through medicare and hopefully with a coalition government we will push through pharma-care,” said Phillip. “A lot of our seniors are hurting and having to make choices about whether to pay rent or pay for their meds.”

Joan stated that if elected on Monday her first priority in Ottawa would be pharma-care and the environment.

“Stop subsidising dirty oil and move toward renewable energy,” added Phillip. “Having said that we have a very holistic platform that includes everyone. We have a very comprehensive plan so we’re going to be extremely busy.”


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