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Yesterday evening, Merritt City Council convened for a committee of the whole to discuss the grant in aid policy. During this year’s budget deliberations there had been informal talks about the possibility of lowering the amount the City gives out every year.

On Wednesday night, Sheila Thiessen, Director of Finance, presented the current policy to Council for their review. Last year the City earmarked just over $80,000.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith joined Q101 to highlight the possible changes.

“Council is considering shifting the maximum cap to grant in aid to $50,000 and then there would be somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 for sponsorship,” said Smith.

Some of the other suggested changes include;

  • Grant in aid won’t be provided to organizations looking to fund their event where the proceeds of the event go to charity
  • Maximum to athletes or teams going to recognized events ($500)
  • Change to payment, 50% at approval, 50% after a post-event report is received 

The changes will come back to the council table on Tuesday for full debate and possible approval.


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