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Robert Mellalieu green party

Election day in Canada is only four days away, with that in mind, Green Party Candidate Robert Mellalieu stopped Q101 to discuss the home stretch of the campaign and his mindset going into Monday.

“I think I’ve done well; we’ve got the name out there; we’ve represented the Green Party well. A lot of people have come across and are now better informed about the Green Party, put all those things in the win column,” said Mellalieu.

Mellalieu has run before both Federally and Provincially for the Greens but mentioned a different mindset from the jump this year.

“That mindset changed almost immediately when I looked at the volunteer list and there were people on it. People were requesting signs and I’d call up a couple of volunteers and they’d show up. There was a lot more push for me to actually get out there and do the work, and I was able to do more work because I had volunteers behind me. That was really encouraging,” said Mellalieu.

Talk on the campaign trail for the Party Leaders has centered around the possibility of a minority government in recent days, something Mellalieu believes can succeed.

“Whenever there has been a minority government, we have seen major things happen. We got our healthcare system, our old-age benefits, the Canadian flag, all those things happened during a minority government. The interesting thing is those stuck, they didn’t get changed later on because everybody had some skin in the game to get that done,” added Mellalieu. “I’m looking forward to a minority government. I think it would be really neat where the Liberals need the power of the Green Party and the NDP.”

Canadians head to the polls on Monday, October 21.


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