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Dan Albas HOC

Election day in Canada is only four days away, with that in mind Conservative Incumbent Dan Albas joined Q101 to discuss the home stretch of the campaign and few key details of the Conservative platform.

“Right now, Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party are the only ones that are talking about making life more affordable,” began Albas. “Mr. Trudeau has put forward a range of items that will cost $96 billion in debt, in addition to the extra revenue in taxes, in addition to $10 billion that they’re going to find somewhere by cutting their own budget.”

“Rural economic development is good, not just for our area but for Canada and I believe the World, and right now the NDP wants to shut down the Trans Mountain. They want to see opportunities like pacific LNG shutdown, they aren’t supportive of our natural resources,” added Albas.

Albas also hit hard on the struggling BC forestry sector.

“Forestry is suffering. We see here in Merritt; we know when Tolko left what that did to the community. Where are they ramping up? Well, Tolko is opening up new divisions in Louisiana and Mississippi. They aren’t leaving forestry, they’re only leaving forestry in British Columbia,” said Albas. “That’s why I was so happy on Friday when Andrew Scheer said that under his government, we would immediately launch a forestry competitiveness task-force.”

Canadians head to the polls on Monday, October 21.


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