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During budget discussions in early 2019, Merritt City Council approved an impressive list of capital projects with the expressed assurance that they would be completed this year.

Recently, CAO Scott Hildebrand provided an update on 61 separate capital projects in the works.

“Of these 61 projects, many are complete or will be completed by year’s end, and most have come in within or below budget,” said Hildebrand.

Some of the highlights include the painting of City Hall and the Civic Centre coming in $35,000 under budget. Also, under budget was the recent work at the aquatic centre, that surplus will be used to complete more work on the facility.

Hildebrand also provided the news that bus shelters have been ordered and are expected to be installed by the end of October.

“The rotary playground and rubberised surfacing have been completed,” said Hildebrand. “We will be planning a grand opening for this in the very near future.”

The playground is completely open for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Capital projects that weren’t completed this year will be reviewed during the upcoming 2020 budget discussions.


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