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Youth in Merritt looking to get more involved in municipal issues now have an avenue to pursue.

On Tuesday night Merritt City Council voted unanimously to create a youth advisory committee.

“This is one of the items that Council identified during strategic planning as being one of their priorities,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith. “There had been a lot of conversation about creating more opportunities for youth, particularly some recreation opportunities, things that will keep them more engaged and more involved.”

The committee’s purpose is five-fold;

  1. To keep Council informed about important matters affecting youth
  2. To act as a positive advocate for youth and youth initiatives
  3. To proactively consider policies, strategies, and proposals which the Committee believes could improve the lives of youth in Merritt
  4. To actively seek input from youth on important matters and matters delegated to the Committee by Council
  5. To provide leadership experience for youth

The age range for the committee will be any Nicola Valley residents aged 14-24. Seven members will make up the group including students from MSS and NVIT.

The committee will also have, in a non-voting role, one City Councillor, an SD 58 Trustee and a committee clerk.


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