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Troy Quinn

When Barry Wolff took over the reins in Merritt he brought two of his players from Swan Valley with him, forward Matt Osadick and defenseman Troy Quinn.

Ahead of this weekend’s double-header, Troy stopped by Q101 for five good minutes to discuss the move.

“It’s a nice thing being wanted and being recruited the way I was. I couldn’t be thankful enough, I wanted to play my last year in the BCHL and I was thankful enough Barry wanted to trade for me,” said Troy.

While the team’s record says 2-7, the mood in the room is still positive.

“I think we’re just trying to bounce back; the big thing is keeping it positive. That’s the only thing you can do right now,” said Troy. “I think we’ll be alright, we’re still in October and it’s a long season. If we can get on a roll, we definitely have a club that could do some good.”

In terms of getting on that role, Troy believes it all starts in the defensive zone.

“That’s definitely how we win hockey games. We need to be a hardnosed hockey team, we got to get pucks deep, finish our hits and that will create space. Once we create that space we can start rolling offensively. It all starts from laying the body,” said Troy.

“I think defense wins championships and if you have a good defensive zone, able to prevent goals, have guys blocking shots. Getting pucks to the forwards, chipping it, creates room in the offensive zone,” added Troy.

The powerplay hasn’t been able to capitalize in the past few games, and apparently Coach Wolff has been focusing on some new schemes in practice this week.

The Cents will be returning to the friendly confines of the NVMA on Saturday, a barn Troy enjoys.

“I think it honestly suits my style a lot more. I’m definitely a more physical stay-at-home dman. Definitely, enjoy playing there,” said Troy.

Catch Troy and the rest of the squad tonight on Q101 in Vernon, then tomorrow at the NVMA versus Nanaimo, puck drop 7 p.m.


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