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The City of Merritt is launching its snow angel program. The idea is to help seniors and others around Merritt who need assistance with snow removal.

“It’s been such a focus for this Council to provide more opportunities for seniors and those who might be disabled in our community. With that we are launching the program as of October 9,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith.

Those persons eligible for assistance include residents of Merritt who:
•Are 65 years of age or older
•Are under 65 years of age, with a disability
•Are unable to clear the snow on your driveway or sidewalk
•Claim the Seniors or Disability Homeowner Grant
•Are property owners (tenants should contact their landlord for assistance)
•Do not have able-bodied persons living at their address.

Volunteers must:
•Be 16 years of age or older
•Complete a criminal record check
•Be in adequate physical shape and capable of clearing snow
•Be willing to commit for the entire snow season (excepting breaks for travel or holidays)
•Be willing to communicate with your assigned Service Recipient in the event you are unable to clear their sidewalk and driveway within 24 hours of a snowfall.

“As an extra little incentive, anybody who does volunteer will be entered to win one of two gift baskets worth $250 each,” added Smith.

Those looking to sign up to receive the service or volunteer are asked to fill out the necessary form, which can be picked up at City Hall or found on their website.


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