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During last night’s all-candidates debate at NVIT, all five candidates were asked about their party’s plan to address the need for affordable rental housing across the Country.

*Candidates are listed in the order they responded to the question

Allan Duncan, People’s Party of Canada

“We don’t have plans right now for the expansion of rental housing. I would say that one of the things we need to do to address the affordability of housing is to protect our housing from invasive investment. We’ve all heard about the nefarious sources of this investment and the laundering.

We need to increase supply; this hasn’t been addressed. We don’t have a program on this, but I think there should be more attention to the supply of housing and free people up and their money up to make investments.”

Dan Albas, Conservative Party of Canada (Incumbent)

“We have a four-point plan for housing affordability. Number one, we’re going to take a look and rework the stress test. We know that a young family just starting out, oftentimes are paying more in rent than they would in a mortgage, they need that security. Second, for first-time homebuyers we will extend 30-year amortisation, it’s small limited measure but it does allow for someone to put in down and get into the market. We want to tackle money laundering, that’s why we will fund a $20-million two-year inquiry. Lastly, we want to make sure people can get a mortgage from more than just their bank. We want a vibrant market, if you want to go to a credit union, you shouldn't be stuck with your bank or existing mortgage broker, we want that competition.”

Joan Phillip, NDP

“We have a plan and we’re talking about building 500,000 affordable housing units for Canadians. The money laundering issue, there has got to be an inquiry and it’s got to stop. The speculation tax has got to remain in place. We really believe that small measures like retrofitting someone’s house for renewable energy are in a small way not only helping the planet but will reduce costs once someone purchases a home.”

Mary Ann Murphy, Liberal Party of Canada

“Let me direct my comments to the younger people in the room. I want to let you know the Federal Government has reinstated the first national housing program in 10-years and we’ve paid towards hundreds of thousands of new units over the last four years. Some of that is dedicated to seniors, some for youth mental health, indigenous housing, and some through veterans.

We have credited a new homebuyer’s incentive such as if it’s your first home purchase CMHC will take on 10 per cent of your mortgage, taking it back only on the sale of the house.”

Robert Mellalieu, Green Party of Canada

“In order to incentives building rental purpose housing we have lots of plans for that, especially if you’re going to make it CO2 neutral. Nobody has been maintaining this Country, we have an incredibly poor electrical grid. We need to invest our infrastructure spending on 21st-century tools. Oil is over, let move on to what the rest of the World is doing.”

For full campaign policies, visit the Party’s websites.

Canadians head to the polls of October 21.


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