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Bin inspections are set to resume.

After receiving contamination figures from Recycle BC, the City of Merritt will once again be inspecting residents' curbside bins to ensure only the proper items are being recycled.

Sean Smith, Director of Corporate Services, addressed the issue.

“We have now got some firm data back, and our recycling, depending on the day, our contamination rates have been between three and 20 per cent,” said Smith. “We have been requested to do more bin inspections.”

Smith mentioned while the bulk of the issues are related to glass, plastics and foam packaging, they have also seen some wild items.

“We’ve found knives and dolls and loads of garbage, clothes, shoes, coffee machines. There have been lots of non-recyclables that are very clearly non-recyclables,” added Smith.

While fines remain an option, Smith confirmed the City is not looking to fine anybody and hopes the process remains simply an education exercise.

The inspections are set to run until the end of the month.


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