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While the Pine Street development will not be returning to the Council table this evening, the application will soon be back in front of the Council.

The switch from R9 to R2 has accounted for one of the concerns regarding the project. Another concern has been raised by members of the public, a possible conflict of interest.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith addressed the case law and the City’s procedures.

“It’s the job of individual councillors to self-declare for any matter that arises at the council table. They are also encouraged to come and consult with us anytime they perceive that they may be in a conflict of interest situation,” said Smith. “To my knowledge, there are no conflicts of interest that I’m currently aware of.”

“The legal test for conflict of interest is a little bit different than what the public might perceive to be a conflict of interest, and I think that’s where some of the confusion has entered in here,” added Smith. “I don’t know of any actual legal conflict of interests.”

Mayor Linda Brown also stated that if she believed there was a conflict, she would be the first to raise that concern.

The new Pine Street application will return to the council table once the developers finalize it.


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