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The hotly contested Pine Street development will not be returning to the council table tomorrow night. Originally scheduled for the first and second readings of an OCP (official community plan) and zoning amendment, the proceedings have been delayed.

The developer behind the project has pulled the application to make some changes.

“We have heard from the developer who has informed (the City) of their intention to change their application. So, instead of the R9 intensive residential zoning, it would be the R2 low-density residential,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith.

The switch to R2 aligns with the OCP for the area and an amendment will no longer be needed for the development to proceed.

The project will still require a zoning amendment as the lot is currently zoned AL1.

“When that application is finalized the zoning amendment will come forward at that time,” added Smith.

“I think they heard many of the public’s concerns, they heard some of the comments around the council table, thinking they wanted some more housing in the community but wanted to be consistent with the character of the neighbourhood. So, we will see what that application looks like,” said Smith.

Should the zoning amendment receive first and second reading, most likely scheduled for the council meeting in late October, a public hearing will be required at that time.


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