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The Lower Nicola Indian Band held its election yesterday. The community members were voting for who will represent them for the next three years.

Stuart Jackson was elected Chief of Lower Nicola and collected 147 votes in a tight race. Leona Antoine finished in second with 129 and Robert Sterling Jr. in a close third with 121.

Former Chief Aaron Sumexheltza didn’t run for Chief this election, citing wanting to spend more time with his family. He had been Chief for six years.

Sumexheltza did run for a seat on Council and was elected with six other community members.

  • Lucinda Seward, 221
  • Bill Bose, 198
  • Spence Coutlee, 182
  • Robin Humphrey, 181
  • Connie Joe, 175
  • Aaron Sumexheltza, 169
  • William Sandy, 160

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