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It’s set to be a packed day of activities, presentations, and speeches tomorrow at NVIT’s Merritt campus for an Indigenous Women’s Gathering.

The event coined ‘Uniting Our Stories’ will begin at 8:30 in the morning and run through dinner.

Emma McMillan, NVIT Communications, joined Q101 to discuss some of the many highlights on the agenda.

“At the lunch hour, we have Jenn Harper from Cheekbone Beauty. She was just on Dragons Den; she is renowned for being one of the first indigenous women to produce a cosmetics line that is benefiting indigenous people. Part of her sales all go back to the community,” said McMillan.

“One of our lecturers, Sharon McIver, is coming in to do the keynote at dinner time,” said McMillan. “As well as, Laura Grizzlypaws, she is a traditional dancer and she will be telling a bit of a story of sorts.”

The exact details of the performance by Grizzlypaws is being kept a secret.

The event will also have speeches on topics like the economic impact of indigenous women in business, women in fashion and arts, and women in small business.

Along with the presentations the event will also serve as a time for networking.

For last-minute Merritt, McMillan did mention that there will be an extremely select number of tickets available at the door.

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