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Post Office

(Parking prior to changes made in September)

A few weeks back City Hall announced some traffic pattern changes along Voght Street. The one grabbing most of the attention is the removal of parking spaces in front of the Post Office in favour of a longer run-up to the intersection, in the hopes of improving traffic flow.

“I would love to just sit down and talk to some of them who have concerns,” began CAO Scott Hildebrand. “My biggest concern when we made those decisions was, we lost a life on that corner not long ago, and one is just the efficiency of traffic, we have such traffic congestion there.”

Hildebrand mentioned hearing about the petition circulation around town regarding the parking spots but said nobody has directly approached City Hall to discuss their concerns. He’s hoping the group will arrange a time to speak with him and other staff members to relay their concerns directly.

Hildebrand also discussed the process of getting advanced left-turn arrows at the intersection of Voght and Nicola.

“What we’re waiting for is the Province to complete their study. They’re not sure if there is enough space to safely do it. If there is, hopefully, we can get the double arrow and we’ll line it and paint it appropriately,” said Hildebrand.

The City may opt to paint the dividing line before provincial approval to improve the current situation of cars stopping directly in the middle of what could be two lanes of traffic.


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