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On Saturday, members of the Lower Nicola Indian Band will be tasked with electing a new Chief and Council to represent them.

After six years serving the community as Chief, Aaron Sumexheltza is stepping aside, and a new person will take up that mantle.

“I’ve been Chief of my community for six years; I love the job and think we’ve done some great things. So, it’s definitely tough,” said Sumexheltza. “It does take a toll on one’s personal life and it’s important for me to just focus on family as well.”

“I have faith in the community members and those that will be voting in the upcoming election. I know that they will elect a new Chief that will do a great job for us, as well as a really strong Council.”

A trio of candidates has put their hats in the ring for the office of chief, Leona Antoine, Stuart Jackson, and Robert Sterling Jr.

While not seeking re-election as Chief, Aaron will be running for a seat on Council along with 13 other candidates.

Q101 will bring you the results when they are released this weekend.


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