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Right now, if you wanted to walk towards the airport, you’d be forced to walk alongside Voght Street over the overpass with no barrier between yourself and the passing vehicles. That’s a safety concern that City Hall has heard loud and clear from the public and was a point of emphasis while meeting with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

CAO Scott Hildebrand discussed the issues with a quick fix.

“I asked them about pedestrian access across the bridge, there’s no way to safely get across. So, we’re not asking for a separate pedestrian bridge, we just want something on the bridge. But other issues come up with that, because if they put up the cement barricades, then snow clearing becomes an issue,” said Hildebrand. “We need to figure that out.”

Mayor Linda Brown mentioned how the issue will only be brought more into focus with the new Sundial plant in construction.

“The addition of a potential 600 employees needing to get back and forth. We need to figure out something on that bridge,” added Brown.

Hildebrand also discussed possible solutions to traffic backing up at the intersection of gasoline alley.

“A potential service road coming off the Coquihalla. So, instead of the way that is there now, I’d like one before that going into the service road, being the hotels and gas stations,” said Hildebrand.

Hildebrand also discussed the possibility of an exit from gasoline alley halfway between the intersection and the overpass.

The discussion with the Ministry is still in the early stages, but UBCM allowed for City Staff to stress the importance of these projects to the Ministry and got the ball rolling.


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