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During their meetings with various Ministries during the UBCM Convention last week, the topic of expansion was brought up.

While recently the City began the process of evaluating a possible Festival Site boundary expansion, CAO Scott Hildebrand mentioned that’s hardly the entire picture.

“We talked about boundary expansion and not just the festival ground. What I mean is there are 140 acres above the bench, that’s all within the City, but it’s crown land,” said Hildebrand. “We are in conversations and actually have a meeting this week to discuss that.”

Along with the land above the bench, Hildebrand hinted at other provincially held land in the City’s sights.

“We need room for housing, we need room for a lot of things,” added Hildebrand.

The process of acquiring crown land is not a quick one, and the City is just looking at getting the ball moving and starting to investigate its options.


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