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Representatives from the Fraser Basin Council, and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource made a joint presentation yesterday to City Council and the assembled citizens about the City’s aquifers, wells, rivers, and our effect on them.

While those in the audience seemingly were looking for immediate answers, for Council it was a fact-finding mission.

“Council asked for this presentation because we are not aquifer specialists, we’re not well specialists and we’re not river specialists. What we’re trying to do is gather enough information and get enough knowledge so that we can make informed decisions. We are on the same page as the public, we are aware of the issues, but we can’t make the decisions without the information,” said Acting Mayor Melvina White.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith addressed some of the issues that need to be weighed before making decisions.

“Part of the process is getting Council up to speed with what our wells and groundwater situation looks like so that they can make some decisions are going to be needed for the long-term of Merritt,” said Smith. “That is part of why Council directed this meeting and this investigation, we do want to understand better what decisions need to be made around water, for development, for new wells, for our existing wells.”

Sean continued to mention how currently there is no timeline in place for looking at expanding or digging new wells.

While no hard date has been set, Council will be reviewing all the information available and returning with possible motions at a future meeting.


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