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If you've recently travelled out of town towards Kamloops you may have noticed some serious construction near the overpass. The work being done is by Sundial Growers, as they run utilities to their new cannabis production plant.

Gerald Proctor joined Q101 to discuss the next steps for the company and a possible timeline.

“We anticipate completion of our phase-1 by mid-November, but as you know things can be delayed,” said Proctor. “Phase-1 is half of our first pod, which is currently in design and manufacturing. We look to have occupancy of phase-1 by the end of the year.”

The pods are prefabricated, which will allow for quick setup once they arrive in October.

In one pod is approximately 20-rooms and requires around 80-100 workers. So, the half pod will need somewhere around 40 full-time employees.

“Absolutely, local is our priority and kind of the Nicola Valley catchment area,” said Proctor. “We’re honing in on finding some great local Merritt folk to work with us.”

“We’re looking to hopefully engage the community in the coming weeks with our workforce strategy,” added Proctor.

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