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Back in 2016, the idea of the Kettle Valley Railway ‘Rails to Trails’ project was originally floated.

Closed to trains in 1989, the Kettle Valley Railway system stretches from Midway to Spences Bridge.

The trail system is already in place throughout much of the Okanagan and has been a major tourism draw.

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) has been taking the lead role in bringing the project to life in the Merritt area, and this week approached City Council for a letter of support.

“It should be noted that even if we send this letter, it will not be done immediately. This is just a preliminary attempt to acquire a crown lease, from the KVR portion of land from Juniper to the area where the First Nations Lands meet,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

The lease being investigated is a 5-year lease with a potential 5-year extension.

“I’m just glad there is an opportunity to give support to this because I think it’s something the community really wants to see happen, a family-friendly trail,” said Coun. Travis Fehr.

Mayor Brown did mention that the project is still at least two-years away from becoming a reality.


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