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nicola river flooding

Flood mitigation remains a key priority for City Council. This year, the city focused on some key strategic points along the river and planned to spend $150,000.

The funds were expected to be covered by a Provincial grant, however that money never came, which led Council this week to find a new funding source.

“We anticipated that it would happen through grants, but we were unsuccessful in that grant application,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith.

“So, we’re requesting that Council direct staff to allocate that $150,000 from the gas tax,” added Smith.

Along with the projects being gas tax eligible, the City also received a one-time top-up of their gas tax funds this year from the Federal Government.

“Working with flood mitigation and making that a key priority was in many of our platforms. Since we weren’t successful in obtaining a grant, I feel that this is necessary, having to idea what the future brings,” said Coun. Adam Etchart.

“We will continue to seek more money from the government for flood mitigation for future areas to address, but these are the ones that have to been done this year,” added Mayor Linda Brown.

The key areas being addressed this year are the golf course, Lions Park and Rotary Park.


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