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London, Ontario is reporting the first known case of vaping-related lung disease in Canada.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit says a teenager who was a heavy vape user and used electronic cigarettes daily was recently diagnosed with a severe case of pulmonary illness.

The teen was initially on life support during his illness but is now recovering at home.

While this represents the first confirmed case in Canada, the issue south of the border has led to six deaths and over 300 cases of severe breathing illnesses.

School District 58 is looking at possibly combating the problem and Trustee Brian Jepsen proposed a hardline stance.

“I’m proposing that be put out that we are zero tolerance on vaping,” began Jepsen. “Send a letter home to the parents and say that we are zero tolerance on vaping and if we find your student with vaping paraphernalia, we will immediately confiscate and destroy them, period end of topic. Just go out hard and heavy and just say this is school district 58 and we’re going to take care of our students.”

The proposal was tossed around the room and after the discussion concluded a decision to return with more information was made.

Currently confiscating vaping supplies is done on a case by case basis.

The board also passed a motion to take their concerns to the Provincial Council.


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