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Yesterday evening, City Council unanimously passed a motion to adopt changes to the Fire Safety Regulations Bylaw to allow for small backyard fires.

However, before anybody can start roasting marshmallows and hotdogs in their backyard, you’ll need a permit from the City.

The permits will be issued yearly and the forms can be found on the City of Merritt website or at City Hall.

Coun. Tony Luck who admitted to having his permit application already filled out, was thrilled that the motion was adopted.

“Things I’ve been hearing from the citizens, they’re really looking forward to this bylaw coming in and revising some of the things that were taken away from them,” said Luck. “People are really excited about being able to sit around a small fire in the backyard with their family.”

It was stressed that the permit application includes inspection from Merritt Fire and the permits may be pulled at any time for those not following the regulations.


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