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(Document from 2018 application) 

Despite opposition from the audience at last night’s regular council meeting, a possible OCP (official community plan) amendment for 1330 Pine Street has moved forward by a 4-3 vote.

In support were Councillors Tony Luck, Melvina White, Travis Fehr, and Mayor Linda Brown. Mike Bhangu, Adam Etchart, and Kurt Christopherson were the three councillors in opposition.

For the group in favour, there was a general theme in their reasoning of wanting to advance the motion to a public hearing.

“I think to just quickly dismiss this, it would not be appropriate,” said Luck. “I think that the proper process is to go to the public and hear from all sides on this one. We were elected with a mandate to change this community, and this is part of that process, is to get all of the public to speak to items like this.”

“I would like to make an informed decision on both sides, I feel it should come to first and second reading and a public hearing,” said White. “The OCP is 15-years old, we are going through a lot of changes in the community and I think we should have the opportunity to have a look at that.”

“I think terminating the process would just be a mistake at this point, we need more information. We need to weigh all sides of it fairly,” said Fehr.

“We’re a Council that promotes development, on the other hand, I worry that moving directly to an R9 for this little plot of land may be a bit of a stretch at this time,” said Brown. “I would like to see us go forward and I do believe we need to bring it to a public hearing. I think all applications have the right to a public hearing.”

Etchart voiced his concerns and those he heard from the public.

“We have a lot of water in the area and I think developing homes there, we need to be very cautious. We can end up with a lot of flooding in residential areas. We’ve had discussions about not having development in flood plains,” said Etchart.

Christopherson also voted against the motion citing wanting to bring this forward as part of the bigger discussion around the OCP and not to piecemeal it out.

City Council is planning to review the OCP in the new year.

The passed motion will return to the table on October 8, for first and second reading, and a possible public hearing would be scheduled for October 22, should it receive second reading.


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