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Robert Mellalieu green party

Earlier this week, the Green Party was making headlines following comments made by Leader Elizabeth May.

During a television interview, May said while she supports a women’s right to choose, she would not prevent individual members from bringing forward new legislation.

May has since clarified her comments, saying that every Green Party candidate is pro-choice.

Local Green Candidate Robert Mellalieu spoke with Q101 to clear the air and go on record with his views as well as those of the Party.

“In the green vision policy book, it clearly states that we support a women’s right to choose,” said Mellalieu.

The confusion this week came since the Green Party is not whipped to follow the party line on any one issue.

“Inside that policy book, it does also state that we are not whipped and that is one of the reasons I like the Green Party,” said Mellalieu. “I don’t have to follow the Party line, I can say I have this concern, I disagree with the Party on this particular issue or this particular point. I’m open and able to do that, and it's encouraged in the Green Party to have different types of voices and talk about issues.”

“I don’t know how any other candidate in any political party can stand to be whipped,” said Mallalieu. “I have to represent my constituents, and I may have to go up there and say my constituents don’t want this, and that’s my job to represent my constituents, and to hell with the party line at that point.”

“This is a huge advantage for the Green Party in that we can actually have open conversations, and we’re not closed-minded and always open to new ideas. Having said that at the current point in time a woman has the absolute right to choose,” concluded Mellalieu.


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