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roger sloan

Coming off a career year on the PGA Tour, that only ended just over a month ago at the Northern Trust, Merritt’s own Roger Sloan will be back on the course this morning.

A brief break which saw Sloan return to Merritt to host a clinic for kids at Merritt Golf Club has come and gone, and the Greenbrier Classic has arrived.

“Once we get back from our trip to Merritt, put our nose to the grindstone and prepare for the first event in the second week of September,” said Sloan. “It’s a unique place to start the year, it’s a great facility, a great golf course. It was highlighted on my schedule.”

Following the opening tournament, Sloan mentioned taking the following weekend off to prepare for the long haul towards the end of the calendar year.

For Sloan, this year is about more than securing his place on the PGA Tour. Only two Canadians finished above Sloan in the standings last year, and if Sloan can find himself in the top two come summer, he could be headed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“That’s definitely a realistic accomplish for us is the Olympics this summer,” said Sloan. “The are several Canadians on the PGA Tour right now, it’s a great time for Canadian golf. Each one of us will be buckling down and competing for those two spots. To come from Merritt on a nine-hole golf course and be able to represent your country at the highest athletic event in the World, that would be an absolute honour and a treat.”

The long grid to Tokyo begins this morning with a 9:35 first-round tee time.


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