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Earlier this year, Merritt joined the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) as a way to attract foreign entrepreneurs to town.

Since joining the program Merritt has consistently been one of the most active cities in the Province, in terms of inquires and referrals.

Will George, Manager of Economic Development, Communications, and Tourism, updated Q101 on the process and the applications which have been referred to the provincial level.

“To date, we are at 205 inquires from foreign entrepreneurs and consultants. Of those, we have offered 27 exploratory visits and we’ve hosted 14 of them,” said George. “So, we’re still sitting around third in the province for the number of letters of interest and visits.”

So far, the committee has approved five applications for referral to the province and George mentioned a few more could soon be approved as well.

“There’s a meeting in mid-September, and I believe there will be four or five staff reports going forward. So, we’ll see how many the committee approves for a letter of referral,” said George.

The people looking to open a business through the program must fall into three categories of business.

  • Truck Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Store Retailers
  • Warehousing and Storage


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