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By law, the writ must be dropped by no later than September 15, but as of now, the election has not been officially called. That, however, has not stopped the candidates in Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola from hitting the campaign trail hard.

Voters in the riding will have a full slate of politicians vying for their votes in October. The Greens, NDP, Liberals and People’s Party have all acclaimed candidates in their hopes of unseating Conservative Incumbent Dan Albas.

The newest Party to join the fold is the People’s Party and their local Candidate Allan Duncan. With the campaign starting to hit high-gear, Q101 caught up with Duncan to discuss the early stages of the race to Ottawa.

“We’re meeting lots of people and our network is growing,” began Duncan.

In terms of Merritt, Duncan has been a few times already, including to take in the Pro Rodeo and hopes to come back soon.

“Talked to a few people, and people knew about us so that was good,” said Duncan. “Organize a team of door knockers and meet people and have some more conversations with people. I’m not sure what that date is, but I want to be in Merritt.”

As the new party on the block, Duncan admitted there has to be an education period.

“People have heard of Maxime Bernier, our leader, so they would call it Max’s Party, but our brand People’s Party of Canada isn’t as well connected with him. So, once we connect Maxime Bernier with the People’s Party of Canada, then people clue in. We’re kind of still branding.”

Duncan did mention that those interested in learning more about the People’s Party can visit their website to read their entire platform.


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