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Merritt Map Boundary
Recently the City of Merritt was approached by the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) about beginning to investigate a possible boundary expansion focused around the festival site.
This week City Council approved a recommendation that will allow Staff to potentially spend up to $15,000 to investigate the ramifications.
“I’m absolutely delighted that we’ll be examining some options, that when we can ask the questions, what the benefit is to Merritt, are there any drawbacks to Merritt, what are the potential areas that we’re talking about. So, I think it’s high time we get on with it,” said Coun. Kurt Christopherson.
Sean Smith, Director of Corporate Services, mentioned how early indication from TNRD has zero residential properties involved.
The scoping study could cost as much as $15,000 but Smith admitted that number could vary.
“Depending on the scope of what the TNRD is wanting us to look at bringing into our boundaries, if it’s a small part it’s wholly possible that staff could do that research without spending any money. If the scope is larger, that’s when we’d look towards having a scoping study done,” said Smith.
It should be noted that the property owner would have to agree to be incorporated into Merritt.


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