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The City of Merritt has been working to improve flood mitigation at three key points along the river.
One of those spots is the pedestrian bridge at Lions Park. James Dinwoodie, Director of Engineering & Development, spoke to the unusual development.
“The Lions park pedestrian bridge was constructed in 1980 and it crosses the Nicola River. Unfortunately, when they built the bridge, they forgot to ask for crown land tenure over the river canal. So, although we built the bridge, we did it illegally,” said Dinwoodie.
Due to this fact, the Ministry is requesting that the City apply for the proper tenure over the river. Dinwoodie mentioned how that process could take upwards of two years.
During the recent heavy flooding years, the bridge was almost washed away, which has led the department to look at raising the bridge.
“By raising the bridge we’re going to increase the capacity of the river canal so it would be able to handle more flood events in the future,” said Dinwoodie.
Luckily the City doesn’t have to wait for tenure to improve, and repair the bridge as the Ministry is expected to allow the work to occur this winter when the river is partly frozen.


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