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Following a recent call relating to bear cubs, the Merritt RCMP Detachment is reminding residents to be mindful of attracting wildlife into the city.
Staff Sgt. Lorne Wood provided details on a pair of calls.
The Merritt RCMP were called to the 1500 block of Canford Avenue because of bear cubs feeding on apples. The bears were not aggressive, however, there was a concern should someone approach the cubs.
The BC Conservation Officer Service was advised, and the members attended to find the bears had moved on. 
On August 8th, the Detachment received another call of a young bear near the Merritt High School. The bear in question was quite fearful when confronted by pedestrians and ran into the Coldwater River and away from town. 
“Just a reminder regarding wildlife, fall is coming, and bears will be looking to fatten up for the fall and winter hibernation. Fruit trees and other attractants will bring them into the city and back yards. Please remove the fruit from trees and keep garbage inside until pick up day,” wrote Wood.
The RCMP is also warning residents about deer.
“Merritt also has several resident deer that are commonly crossing Voght Street and other less busy side streets with their fawns who aren't nearly as careful as the older animals and end up getting struck by vehicles. Please slow down and keep an eye out for crossing wildlife,” added Wood.


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