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This summer has been slightly busier than normal for Nicola Valley Search and Rescue. Recently the team received a trio of calls including to assist in the hunt for two missing men from Surrey.
While the Summer does normally see the most people heading out into the wilderness, Lynne Broekhuizen spoke to the shoulder seasons being their most active.
“Once we get into fall, we still have the people that are camping and recreating and then we get into hunting season as well. We tend to see a few calls at that time with missing or injured people,” said Broekhuizen.
“The days are getting shorter; we don’t have that daylight. So, be prepared that if you get out there that you’re prepared to come out in the dark and that you’re prepared to hunker down and spend the night because nights are getting colder,” added Broekhuizen.
No matter when you plan to head into the bush, Broekhuizen simply reiterated being prepared.
“We encourage people to be prepared and know the limits of the equipment you’re running and to make sure you’ve let someone know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing and when you’ll be back,” concluded Broekhuizen.


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