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After an extensive process, the City Staff are proposing a series of changes to business licensing in the city. The changes are in hopes of making the process easier for both the city and the applicant.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith spoke to the proposal coming forward this evening to the Council.

“One fantastic example of making it simpler, if you looked at our previous business licence bylaw and you looked at our application fee categories, we had 37. We now functionally have three,” said Smith.

Virtually every business will now pay $50 plus an additional $50 for every inspection needed.

The other two categories include non-profits which will continue to pay nothing. That being said the city still wants all non-profits to come to the city, so they know exactly who’s operating within the city.

The other category is retail cannabis.

“Just because of the amount of public consultation and consideration that goes into it, there are greater costs for the city,” said Smith.

Cannabis retailers will continue to pay $650 for their applications.

Smith also discussed a new hobby business exemption.

“It was a problem and a hole in our bylaw, and we’ve done something that we think is fairly unique by creating the exemption,” said Smith. “It involves anybody who is sporadically selling their own personal or hand made goods. But the minute it becomes more regular or the scale gets ramped up it would require a licence.”

Staff also built in a three- and six-month option as well as pro-rating for business coming to town partway through the year.

The changes will be debated by the council this evening at 7 P.M in the Chambers.


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