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Merritt Map Boundary

As it sits, the music festival grounds which host Rockin’ River and Bass Coast lay just beyond the Merritt City boundary.
Recently the TNRD brought the idea of moving the grounds into the Merritt to City Staff. Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith addressed the recommendation on tomorrow's agenda.
“All that Staff is bringing forward at this point is a report to Council seeing if they want us to explore that as an option or not,” said Smith. “If they would like us to explore it as an option to have a boundary expansion scoping study performed. That just really gives us a really good sense for what exactly we’re bringing in.”
The scoping study could cost as much as $15,000 but Smith admitted that number could vary.
“Depending on the scope of what the TNRD is wanting us to look at bringing into our boundaries, if it’s a small part it’s wholly possible that staff could do that research without spending any money. If the scope is larger, that’s when we’d look towards having a scoping study done.”
The process is still in the very early stages and the Council will have their say if it even gets off the ground tomorrow at 7 P.M. in the Chambers.

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