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Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked-about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my favourite story of the week.

This week Merritt was talking about fentanyl becoming all too prevalent, the drought on the Coldwater, and Merritt RCMP finding their suspect after a manhunt.

Fentanyl All too Common in Merritt

Last week the Merritt RCMP made a seizure of cocaine and fentanyl, and as Cpl. Brock Hedrick explained to Q101, it something that’s becoming all too normal here in the city.

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Coldwater Drought Worst in B.C

A Level 4 drought rating is being implemented for the Coldwater River watershed in response to extremely low stream conditions.

All surface water and groundwater users, including residents, industry, farmers, and municipalities, are being urged to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 50%.

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Merritt RCMP Searching for Suspect

The Merritt RCMP has confirmed that the suspect has now been taken into custody. Cpl. Brock Hedrick provided the update.

“At approximately 11:15 A.M the Merritt RMCP took that male into custody without incident at the residence in Merritt,” began Hedrick. 

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My favourite story is week was about Merritt’s very own Roger Sloan securing his spot for the 2020 PGA Tour season.

Sloan Secures 2020 Tour Card

It may not have been his best performance of the season, but a tied for 39th finish over the weekend at the Wyndham Championship has secured Roger Sloan’s tour card for 2020.

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