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This weekend the Merritt Off road Racing will be returning to the track for their first event of the year. The racing began back in 2017 and the club has been focused on improving every year since.

Shelley Stewart from the Merritt Off-Road Club spoke with Q101 about this weekend’s two-day racing event.

“We have two different styles of racing, we have short course racing and the best way to describe what it is, it’s basically motocross from trucks. Last year we had truck clocking 100 km/hr over the jumps,” said Stewart.

“Then the other style racing is 4x4 obstacle short course racing.” Added Stewart. “That would be going over logs and rocks and tires.”

She also mentioned how new members are always welcome.

“Definitely looking for members, that’s probably what the club is lacking most is having volunteers to assist with putting the races together.

They are expecting between 25 to 30 vehicles this weekend and even if you don’t have a truck, the club also has races for side-by-sides.

The track which was built by the club doesn’t yet have permanent seating, so it is advised that anybody heading up takes a lawn chair as racing begins on Saturday around noon.

More information about the club can be found -


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