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REcord Temperatures

The long-range forecast for Merritt is looking exceptional with temperatures expected to surpass 30 Celsius on four of the next six days.

With the inevitable summer heatwave upon us, Interior Health is cautioning people to remember to hydrate.

Dr. Kamran Golmohammadi, Interior Health Medical Health Officer, spoke with Q101 about the importance of proper hydration when temperatures start topping 30 C.

“We encourage people to ensure people that they are properly hydrated and to learn about the signs of heat impact and how their body responds to it,” said Golmohammadi. “It is very important to seek cooler areas, hydrate, and drink plenty of water.”

He also mentioned how after only a few minutes a child left in a vehicle will start being impacted by the heat.  

While those old enough like to enjoy an adult beverage on the patio in the summer, Dr. Golmohammadi suggested sticking with water.

“Consumption of alcohol has a significantly negative impact on all systems and makes the conditions relating to heat even worse,” said Golmohammadi.

With temperatures set to reach 34 C on Sunday make sure to pack sunscreen and water if venturing into the great outdoors.


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