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The provincial government is accepting public input in shaping an Interior forest sector that will innovate, create jobs and support communities for generations to come.

Lower prices for lumber, pressure from foreign trade action, a shrinking timber supply due to back-to-back wildfire seasons and the end of the mountain pine beetle salvage harvest have resulted in recent mill closures and curtailments in the Interior.

Locally, Aspen Planers was forced to reduce from two shifts down to one and earlier this month confirmed to Q101 News that accepting large quantities of logs was not financially viable.

The Province is supporting impacted communities and workers through community transition and response teams that liaise with local governments, the federal government, industry, labour, employment support programs, and organizations, as well as post-secondary institutions. The teams respond to the unique needs in each impacted community, including lining up jobs and retraining, to maximize the ability of affected workers to stay in their communities over the long term and to work with impacted communities on economic development options.

Between July 18 and Oct. 11, 2019, members of the public are invited to participate in the dialogue on the discussion paper by providing written submissions or feedback through an online survey

At the same time, ministry staff are holding localized, in-person engagement on the discussion paper in various communities throughout the Interior with representatives of people, communities and organizations most deeply involved and affected by the forest sector.

The ministry is expecting to be in the Merritt area during the week of August 11-17. The exact time and location of the meeting have not yet been released.

The online survey -


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