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4010 Walters

Last week, Merritt City Council adopted a pair of amendments to the Official City Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw clearing the path for the Walters St. development to proceed.

The four-story 75-unit residential building had been a hotly debated topic over the past few months in the Merritt area, culminating with a lengthy public hearing in June.

With the project finally proceeding, Q101 caught up with developer Irfan Sonawala to discuss a possible timeline for the build.

“At this level, we’re just completing the design. The architect, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical are working on it. I’m hoping to start the construction, at least the concrete work in September,” said Sonawala. “We will be done by August of next year.”

With construction set to begin in September, the team is still looking for Merrittonians to join the build. Irfan mentioned how along with trades workers, he’s also looking for local contractors to help with the ‘pre-fab’ work.

“Within two months everything gets put up and I just want to make sure everything gets pre-fabbed. I don’t want to do one stick at a time,” she explained.

Irfan also spoke to what exactly the next steps are.

“We are going through with different consultants right now. They're completing their designs. We’ll be finishing up the design by August, and once we finish it, we’ll apply for the permits. Hopefully, we’ll get the permits and begin building the foundation in September,” concluded Sonawala.


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