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Due to a lack of manpower at City Hall, committees haven’t been fully utilized since the last election. However, with the recent appointment of a new Director of Engineering, City Hall finally has a full compliment. With a full staff behind them Mayor Linda Brown suggested bringing committees back into the fold.

Sean Smith, Director of Corporate Services, spoke to the recommendation on the table during this week’s council meeting.

“We re-establish the environment committee in accordance with the terms of reference you see in the report. And that council provide direction to staff to create terms of reference for five committees,” said Smith.

The five committees are;

  • Airport Advisory Committee
  • Youth Advisory Committee
  • Emergency Executive Committee
  • Accessibility and Age Friendly Planning Committee
  • Tourism and Economic Development Committee

Currently there are three standing committees that have already been established.

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Police Committee
  • Policy Review Committee

The only committee that has been truly meeting regularly is the PNP Selection Committee.

Council accepted the recommendation by unanimous vote and the committees will begin to be formed in the coming weeks.


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