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Wilkinson Reeve

This week Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart has been leading the BC Liberal Caucus through the riding meeting with constituents in Lillooet, Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Merritt.

Along with MLA Tegart and a whole host of other MLAs, Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson has joined the tour connecting directly with locals to discuss the key issues they believe are plaguing British Columbia.

“Forestry is an ongoing issue throughout the Interior. I think we all know there has been a big fuss about Mountain Cariboo north of here. Also there has been a lot of mill closures going on, Merritt had the Tolko closure two years ago now. In the local area, there is the Chasm closure at 70 Mile and also closures at 100 Mile. And a lot of curtailments and lot of shifts being reduced. So, people are very concerned about the forest industry and I think the core concern is that John Horgan and the NDP are nowhere to be seen. They just seem to take no interest whatsoever in these deep concerns of people throughout the Interior,” said Wilkinson.

“We’ve got to make sure that people have a chance to get ahead and make a living here,” began Wilkinson. “If you don’t see a future for yourself here then Government has done something wrong. What we’re seeing right now is a complete indifference from John Horgan to the Interior. We’re in a crisis now in this forest industry and where is the Forest Minister, no where to be seen.”

Throughout the coming days Q101 will be featuring segments of our conversation with Andrew Wilkinson focusing on forestry, health care, agriculture and more.


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