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Flood 2 13th

Despite the City of Merritt currently experiencing drought conditions, nobody has forgotten the devastating floods of years past.

CAO Scott Hildebrand recently updated Council and the public on how the City’s flood mitigation efforts are progressing.

“Flooding has been an important part of this community over the years and it’s something that will be a priority going forward. To start that process it requires a bunch of pre-work,” said Hildebrand. “We’re working with an environmental consultant right now to work on some of this pre-work before making some of those changes.”

Hildebrand continued to speak to the four key areas the City is looking into.

“They include Lions Park, Rotary Park specifically the pedestrian bridge, the Golf Course which includes Eldorado Trailer Park, and Middle Borough Bridge where we’re looking at a stabilization review as well as there have been some issues with debris getting trapped underneath,” said Hildebrand. “Looking at these four parts of the river and making sure that from an environmental standpoint we’re in good shape before we go and make some of these changes and make sure we’re preparing for flooding in the future.”

“I want to stress that some of the changes we’re looking at are not impeding or changing the course of the river but simply reinforcing the banks and making sure we’re doing our best to protect some of the properties in and around the river,” added Hildebrand.

Mayor Linda Brown asked about ‘rip rap’, a flood mitigation measure revolving around erosion control.

“It is part of the work, we have to get through the environmental clearance first. But that is certainly part of the work to stabilize the bank and ensure we’re protecting it moving forward,” concluded Hildebrand.


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