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Yesterday at the end of the Regular Council Meeting, Council and Mayor Linda Brown brought forth a four-pack of notices of motion.

Councillors can bring forward a notice of motion at the end of any meeting. The motion is then brought back on a future agenda for a full discussion and debate between councillors.

Councillor Kurt Christopherson brought forth the first.

“I would like to make a motion that we send a letter of support to MP Dan Albas expressing support for bill C-447,” said Christopherson.

If passed, Bill C-447, Act to Amend the Criminal Code (aggravating circumstance – evacuation order or emergency), would allow judges to take into account natural disasters, emergencies and evacuation orders when sentencing criminals by adding them to the list of aggravating factors.

Mayor Brown brought forward two notices. First was for staff to bring back a report, reviewing the options for bringing in a traffic light at Grimmett and possibly also a sidewalk.

The Mayor is also looking to repeal policy 104 on committees. The policy speaks to committees expiring during election years.

Finally, Councillor Mike Bhangu brought attention to a growing list of municipalities providing letters of support to restore provincial support to libraries, wishing Merritt to follow suit.

All the motions will be discussed in full at a later council meeting.


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