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TMEP Pipe2

When the Trans Mountain expansion was approved last month, it was done so with a lot of question marks still surrounding the project.

Locally, the Coldwater Band has yet to approve the project, citing concerns to their water source.

“The approval of the pipeline goes through our water aquifer that’s south of the reserve. We have huge concerns and issues with that. It’s not if it’s when the leak will happen that will contaminate our water source, our only drinking water source,” said Chief Lee Spahan.

“We’re stilling waiting to here back from the Federal Government in regards to the first pipeline and the continuing trust pass of that pipeline on our reserve. There has been no movement on that ever since the approval,” said Chief Spahan.

With more questions than answers the Band is awaiting further information before approaching their members.

“We are waiting to hear back from the Federal Government, and we will get the direction from the membership as to what our next steps are in moving forward with Trans Mountain. To see if there’s going to be meaningful dialogue with Trans Mountain to move forward,” said Chief Spahan.

“That direction will be given by the membership. The membership can’t make an informed decision without all the information and until we talk with the Federal Government and get our water aquifer study complete. Then go back to the membership with all the information that they need to make an informed decision on what are the next steps to move forward with,” concluded Chief Spahan.

The options for the Band are vast, ranging from approval to filling litigation, but at this point the waiting game continues.


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