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On Friday afternoon, Merritt RCMP members attended a robbery near Stump Lake. The total dollar range of the stolen property was approximately $100,000.

Some of the stolen items included a Polaris UTV, a Jeep, a Sea-doo, as well as quite a few household items and hand tools.

Amazingly later that night, local traffic services were performing a road check and stopped a vehicle with U-Haul.

“When they checked the back of the U-Haul, the stolen Polaris side-by-side was inside the U-Haul,” said RCMP Constable Tracey Dunsmore.

Along with the Polaris, they did also recover some of the other stolen property. The Jeep remains missing as of Tuesday morning.

The pair was arrested however because no charges have yet been laid and since it's an open investigation their names will not be released at this time.


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