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Pride Stickers

Pride month is well underway and Fierce Merritt is hoping to celebrate. The man behind Fierce Merritt is Hugo McPherson-Ashmore, he spoke with Q101 about the plans for pride month right here in Merritt.

“I was thinking of having a picnic,” began Hugo. “I was planning on doing it on the last Saturday of the month (June 29th) starting around noon.”

“We’re going to go to the music in the square throughout the next couple months as well,” added Hugo.

The picnic would take place at Lions Park and be potluck style. Hugo went on to mention how everybody is invited to join.

In terms of pride month, Hugo spoke to how as beneficial as it is, it always seems to bring out the homophobes.

“I definitely think it makes it easier for kids to come out of the closest,” Hugo said of pride month.

“It definitely helps, but I also think it brings out the worst in some people as well. The homophobes come out to the pride events. I used to live in Vancouver and there was always some crazy person who would come and make a scene to get in the paper and on the radio,” said Hugo.

On Monday, as part of the new ER grand opening, two rainbow crosswalks were unveiled. Making those crosswalks a reality was a vocal group from Merritt Secondary. Hugo spoke to what it means to see the younger generation step up in such a meaningful way.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s great that their parents are very supportive of them,” said Hugo. “The kids are coming out a lot earlier and they are afraid to say what’s on their mind, which is great.

Even with the steps that society has taken with regards to the L-G-B-T-Q community, Hugo spoke to sometimes still being nervous out in public.

“I do worry about people being harassed. I don’t even feel safe walking down the street holding hands with my husband or kissing in public,” said Hugo. “We deal with it all the time, but straight people don’t have to worry about it. Who knows maybe in the future it might not be a big issue.”


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