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Crosswalk hospital

The B-C government decided to add a little more colour to its renovation of the Nicola Valley Hospital's emergency department by adding two new rainbow crosswalks.

The crosswalks, which symbolize the L-G-B-T-Q-2 community, were the final touches on the hospital's 6.5-million-dollar upgrade to the emergency department.

The idea was originally brought forth last year by a group of students at Merritt Secondary School.

“I’m very proud that the pride-walks are here, and they are being represented of an inclusive place for everyone to be here and make sure that everyone can get the rightful treatment that they deserve,” said MSS student Nick Parr. “The pride crosswalks are something that are very dear to my heart, it really does put a smile on my face."

"Regardless of what they might symbolize for you, it's always uplifting to see a rainbow. Over the past year, I've seen countless rainbows pop up around Merritt, each one a promise of a safe and welcoming space for our LGBTQ2s+ friends, neighbours and students. Thank you to Minister Dix and his colleagues at Interior Health for making a point of adding this beautiful symbol of inclusion to Merritt's new ED," said Kati Spencer, a teacher at Merritt Secondary.

The hospital is also adorned with artwork from Clint George, an Okanagan Nation artist. The piece attached to the side of the hospital is represented of the five local first nation bands in the area.


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